Wearable Products

Wearable technology has moved beyond fancy prototypes and firmly established itself as a evolving product category. Players like Qualcomm and Intel are betting on wearable technology. Amazon and Flipkart the online retail giant has started a wearable technology store, which pretty much tells us that this category is here to stay.

The future of wearable techIot Wearable Devices: Latest Technology growth & New Products

Inputs to wearable s are constantly improving. Machine learning algorithms are allowing the transformation of simple sensor input into more actionable health or activity data. In essence, they’re helping wearable tech grasp the context of their use.

Integrated circuits are getting smaller, and our understanding of how wearables can and will be used is getting better.
This better information leads to better solutions. Personal monitoring, digital-physical interaction, consumer health-tech, and physical validation are all solutions that wearable s will soon solve in a better way.

Wearable s will allow for better personal monitoring, whether for health purposes or just learning your routine. This means better scheduling and health knowledge, and unfortunately, if we’re not careful, it means better ads being delivered to us on digital platforms. Wearable s are the final step to fully integrate digital infrastructure with a very analog life that we’ve kept for thousands of years.