Wearable Gadgets Sell in Record Numbers in 2019

Wearable Devices 2020: Latest updates on fitness bands, smartwatches, smart  glasses

Even as the global smartphone market sees slow growth and stagnating shipment numbers, wearable gadgets are bucking the trends. Whether it’s ear-worn products with some smart capabilities, wristbands, or smartwatches, the segment has been defying typical global trends in the gadgets and consumer electronics space. The wearables segment is growing at record pace in India, with 14.9 million units shipped in 2019 across various categories in the segment, according to a new report by research and analytics firm IDC India.

According to IDC India’s estimates for its Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, about 14.9 million wearable gadgets were shipped in India in 2019. These devices include ear-worn devices, wristbands, and watches. Earwear – defined by IDC as a device offering functionality beyond audio, such as smart assistance, fitness tracking, or audio experience enhancements – led the way in the wearables space with 8.5 million shipments (57 percent of the segment). Wristbands such as fitness trackers had a market share of 35.3 percent, while smartwatches accounted for 6.3 percent of the total shipments.

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