Top 5 Wearable Tech Hogging The Limelight In 2020

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As technology and fashion become intertwined into our modern society, wearable tech has become an increasingly popular product in retail. Innovation in this space has been impressive too, with smart watches, smart glasses and a whole host of other wearable tech coming to the fore.

Technology, on the whole, is booming. Wearable tech is just another type of technology which is thriving today, alongside numerous other examples. Our mobile phones are another form of tech which is flourishing in today’s modern world, with gaming on a smartphone proving particularly popular of late, be it with creations like Better Wilds or Book of Dead available online at, or console-quality titles like PUBG Mobile.

That’s a tiny section within the whole industry too, but sophistication in our mobile phone’s of today highlights just how far technology has come overall.

With wearable tech rising to prominence in 2020, we thought we’d highlight some of the best products worth investing in this year.

Ear & Ear Neckband Wearable Wireless Speaker

Everyone is aware of the type of smartwatches and smartphones we’ve covered before, but a device like the Ear & Ear Neckband Wearable Wireless Speaker is original. A unique product in the marketplace, this piece of wearable tech by Ear & Ear is essentially a wireless Bluetooth speaker which will sit comfortably on your neck due to the rubber oil painted onto its ergonomic design. The speaker has 3D stereo sound quality, it looks slick, and it is also hands and ears free. Thanks to its 5.0 Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to enjoy a library of tracks for a whole eight hours too. Pretty cool, right?

Klikkfit Interactive Coach

Klikkfit Interactive Coach is essentially like having your very own personal trainer as you monitor and track your fitness progress. A real-time sensor, the device is subtle and super lightweight, making it ideal to wear, or slip into your pocket as you workout. You’ll then receive feedback and any tips, alongside the satisfaction of being able to accurately keep track of your exercise goals.

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